Math Art Connections

Math Art Connections Summer Mini Camps for K-6th Graders here in Durham, NC!

Welcome! In the Math Art Connections camps we will make art, crafts, and play games while learning and using foundational math skills. The small group setting is ideal for campers, with a student: teacher ratio of 3:1, and a limit of 6 campers. Taught by two highly qualified retired teachers; the camps are grade appropriate, subject similar, and based on the NC Standard Course of Study. The curriculum design makes it easy to choose a camp that helps your child review and reinforce their math skills. When your child has the attention, motivation, and opportunity to learn using art and games in a fun creative environment; they are more likely to enjoy the challenges of learning and using math!

Camp 1: Plus Minus Zero


ART: Drum, Shaker, Zero Heroes

MATH: Addition, Subtraction, Zero

Tues. June 11th

Weds. June 12th

Tues. June 18th

Weds. June 19th

Camp 2: Times Into Fractions

FOR GRADES: 3rd - 6th

ART: Multi-Monsters, Bead rings & Bracelets, Fraction Landscapes, Division collages

MATH: Multiplication, Division, and Simple Fractions

Tues. June 25th

Weds. June 26th

Tues. July 2nd

Weds. July 3rd

Camp 3: Geometry

FOR GRADES: 3rd - 6th

ART: Geometric Shapes, Sculptures, and Optical Illusions

MATH: Geometry, Identify Shapes, Forms, Use Geometric Formulas

Tues. July 9th

Weds. July 10th

Tues. July 16th

Weds. July 17th

Camp 4: Turbo Multiplication

FOR GRADES: 2nd - 6th

ART: Array Images, Multi-Monsters, Multi-Masks, Skip Count Jewelry

MATH: Basic Multiplication, Using Tables, Multiplication Secrets

Tues. July 23rd

Weds. July 24th

Tues. July 30th

Weds. July 31st